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Amber is a innovative and next generation digital currency exchange, wallet and round up app all in the palm of your hand.  The spare change from each one of your traditional credit or debit charges is automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar, with the round up converted into Bitcoin.
Its like a like a digital piggy bank and encourages low risk, high reward micro-investing. Not only can you buy Digital currencies with your spare change, but you’ll also be able to store, swap, send and sell.
Amber's provides a platform where anyone from any investment background can easily gain access to the benefits of investing in Bitcoin, and also empowers its users to have more choice in their personal and financial lives.
Amber, micro-investing with spare change.  A brilliant Australian project.  We love it. 

New Brighton Capital specialise in helping Australians set up and run ATO-approved self managed super funds where you can own bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as other assets like shares and gold in your SMSF.

New Brighton Capital handle all the compliance, tax returns and audits so you can concentrate on managing your investments and building your portfolio.

Use referral code “COINSAFE” to receive a Free Trezor Model T when you become a client of New Brighton Capital. For more information or to book in your FREE consultation head over to New Brighton Capital today.

Nuggets News aim's to facilitate the understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.  The YouTube channel started by Alex Saunders quickly gained a loyal group of followers due to Alex’s ability to explain complex topics in a simple and straight forward manor with a strong focus on fundamental analysis.
Nuggets News is focused on continually learning and promoting this exciting, powerful and disruptive technology in an easy to understand and accessible manner.
Coinsafe Australia believes education is key and following Alex's YouTube channel you will be educated on both blockchain and the cryptocurrency space via easy to understand and accessible educational content.   Coinsafe Australia truly believes education is king and we thank Alex for his dedicated contribution to this space. 
Launched in 2014, Living Room of Satoshi is an Australian company that lets you pay bills with cryptocurrency.
The platform’s exchange rates are quoted at the point of payment and Living Room of Satoshi also runs a rewards program.  For every dollar you spend on bills and payments, you receive one point. You can then redeem these points for cash or products across a number of categories.  
Because you need to pay with fiat money anyway why not pay with crypto and get rewarded for doing so.  Grab any Australian bill and pay it now with no fees.   Yet another great Australian Company bringing us one step closer to mass adoption.
Ainslie Wealth commenced trading as the Australian Bullion Company in 1974.   As the oldest bullion company in Queensland Ainslie is one of Australia’s largest bullion dealers and now also a Cryptocurrency dealer. Ainslie Wealth's Cryptocurrency platform means they buy at competitive prices and have greater capacity for immediate supply of a full range of crypto products.
With one of the very few online businesses where you can actually phone and speak with a direct member of staff, Ainslie Wealth has a focus on exemplary customer service on a strong business foundation.  Ainslie Wealth also have the capacity through scale of being able to buy back larger amounts of bullion and crypto, settling immediately in cash* or bank deposit and can take care of the SMSF requirements too. 
Ainslie Wealth bring a combined 50 years of trading within both private and publicly listed companies so you know you are in good hands.